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The Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA) provides a means of association and communication between the Staff Associations of each institution of the Utah System of Higher Education. Membership in UHESA consists of representatives from each institution’s Staff Association officers, and all higher education staff.

UHESA actively enhances the professional network and focuses on developing and appreciating staff from the Utah System of Higher Education during our regular meetings. These essential gatherings are our platform for shaping our objectives, selecting our leadership, and celebrating the significant contributions of our staff members. Committed to a culture of recognition and collaboration, UHESA is at the forefront of cultivating an environment where the engagement of higher education staff enriches Utah's academic institutions.


Our mission is to empower and unite higher education staff in the State of Utah by fostering an inclusive community and creating a culture of recognition and equity through resources, advocacy, training, and networking.

Upcoming Events

Empowering Employees: Shaping the Supervisor-Employee Relationship for Enhanced Performance 03-19-2024, Time: 10:00 AM
Traditionally, in a supervisor-employee relationship, it’s understood that the supervisor sets the expectations for the employee. What if the employee could also set the working relationship between them? In this workshop, participants will learn the importance of seeking clear job…
Utah System of Higher Education Meeting 03-21-2024, Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Board of Higher Education Building, Salt Lake City https://ushe.edu/ushe-meeting-event/utah-board-of-higher-education-meeting-13/
University of Utah Department of Public Safety 2nd Annual Campus Safety Summit 03-21-2024, Time: 9:00 AM
in person virtual
Join the campus communities from around the state to explore important and relevant topics affecting campus safety for all users, explore future trends, and discuss new approaches to campus safety that are making a difference. In-person registration is $100 per…
2024 UWHEN Annual Conference: Women United in Excellence 04-05-2024, Time: 8:30 AM
in person
This year's theme is "Women United In Excellence," and features a variety of speakers from across Utah and a special keynote by Marjorie Hass, President of the Council of Independent Colleges. Conference presentations are relevant to all women employed in…

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