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Utah Higher Education Staff Association

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I. Membership

UHESA Members are added and removed from membership based upon their employment as staff members of USHE institutions. Members may not be added, removed, or resign by any act other than employment changes. Members have no responsibilities within UHESA. The UHESA Board is a representative body for the general membership of UHESA.

II. Finances

1. Annual UHESA Fees

Institutions represented on the UHESA Board shall pay annual fees of $350.00. The UHESA Treasurer will prepare invoices and deliver them to each institution at the Annual Conference each year. The amount specified shall be due and payable on receipt of the invoice. Institution accounts must be current to retain voting rights.

2. UHESA Costs

Costs to attend UHESA meetings are the responsibility of each institution. UHESA Executive Board members who are not reimbursed by their respective institutions may be reimbursed with UHESA funds. UHESA may reimburse the following: 1) Registration, 2) Lodging (up to two nights), and 3) Meal and transportation costs per the board member's respective institutional policy.

III. Duties of Officers

1. Delegates and Alternate Delegates

a. Selection

i. Delegates and Alternate Delegates from each institution are appointed by leaders of their respective staff associations. Delegates and Alternate Delegates serve at the pleasure of their institutions' staff association leadership, and therefore it falls upon the staff association leaders to add or remove delegates, or to handle resignations and expulsions. Staff association leaders are responsible to ensure that two delegates and two alternate delegates are appointed to the UHESA Board at all times.

ii. Duly elected leaders of each staff association shall provide contact information for all delegates to UHESA on or before the date they are to officially take office, and prior to the annual UHESA Conference each year.

b. Rights and Duties

i. Each institution is granted two votes. Voting privileges are contingent upon payment of annual UHESA fees.

ii. Delegates shall:

Attend all general meetings

Cast votes

Designate an alternate delegate to cast votes in the delegate's absence

Designate a proxy to cast votes in the absence of both the delegate and alternate delegate

iii. Assignment of a proxy voter is handled through written correspondence with the UHESA President and Secretary prior to the vote being cast.

iv. Delegates who also serve as Executive Board members are entitled to cast two votes.

2. Executive Board

a. Selection

i. President-Elect is elected annually by a vote of UHESA Board members.

ii. Secretary and Treasurer are elected for two-year terms by a vote of the UHESA Board members (every odd year).

iii. Committee chairs are elected for two-year terms by a vote of the UHESA Board members (every even year).

b. Expulsion or Resignation

i. Executive Board members may be subject to expulsion by a two-thirds vote of the UHESA Board. Expulsion or resignation of an Executive Board member will result in a vacancy to be filled according to procedures listed below.

c. Rights and Duties

i. Executive Board members shall attend all meetings of UHESA. Officers shall turn over to their successors all records and pertinent data of the Executive Board in their possession at the expiration of their time in office. Executive Board members are entitled to one vote each. Executive Board members who also serve as Delegates for their institution are entitled to two votes.

ii. President shall:

In conjunction with the Executive Board, direct and promote the purposes of UHESA.

Preside at all UHESA meetings.

Represent UHESA to the Board of Regents, the Legislature, the public, and other organizations, either personally or through delegation.

Enforce the Constitution & Bylaws relating to the administration of the purpose and mission of UHESA.

Call special meetings, with approval of the Executive Board, as needed.

iii. President-Elect shall:

Serve as the President in absence of the President.

Assist the President in the performance of duties.

Serve on Standing Committees as assigned.

Solicit nominations and conduct Executive Board elections.

Perform other duties as necessary to maintain continuity of UHESA business.

iv. Past President shall:

Serve as an advisor and assist with the elections.

Serve on Standing Committees as assigned.

Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

v. Secretary shall:

Keep accurate records of all regular and special meetings of UHESA, including minutes and official attendance rolls, distributing such minutes as necessary.

Conduct all official correspondence and maintain all records, including membership rolls, as necessary for the transactions of the official business of UHESA.

Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

vi. Treasurer shall:

Keep all financial records of monies held by UHESA and furnish a financial statement to the Executive Board. The financial statement will be included as part of the agenda when requested.

Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

vii. Standing Committee Chairs shall:

Recruit committee membership.

Conduct committee business.

Report committee outcomes to the UHESA Board.

Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

d. Vacancies

i. Vacancy of President

If the office of President becomes vacant, it shall be filled by the President-Elect. If the remaining term of the office exceeds one-half year, it shall be considered a full-term. If the remaining term is less than one-half year, it shall not be considered a full-term.

ii. Vacancy of President-Elect

If the office of President-Elect becomes vacant, a special election shall be held to fill the vacancy.

iii. Vacancy of other Executive Board Positions

If the office of an Executive Board member other than the President or President-Elect becomes vacant, the position may be filled by appointment of the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of participating UHESA Board members.

IV. Executive Board

1. The Executive Board shall carry out official business on behalf of the UHESA Board.

2. The Executive Board shall conduct necessary votes of delegates as needed during intervals between general meetings.

V. Committees

1. Creation or dissolution of standing committees will be determined by the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of participating UHESA Board members. Current standing committees are:

a. Legislative

b. PR/Media

2. Ad hoc committees and their chairpersons will be appointed by the Executive Board and will function for a period not to exceed one year. The duties of committee chairs shall be determined by the UHESA Executive Board.

VI. Order of Business

1. Meetings

a. The meeting chairperson controls the order of business. New business items should be proposed to the chairperson no less than one week prior to the meeting. An agenda for the meeting should be delivered to all UHESA Board members no less than one day prior to the meeting. Suggested meeting agenda:

i. Welcome

ii. Roll call of Delegates and Executive Board members (determination of a quorum being present)

iii. Approval of minutes

iv. Reports of Standing Committees

v. Reports of Ad Hoc Committees

vi. Unfinished business

vii. New business

viii. Adjournment 

2. Elections

a. The office of the President will be filled by the President-Elect.

b. Elections of Executive Board members shall take place annually.

c. Elections shall be held at the close of the annual conference each year.

d. The President-Elect shall solicit nominations and conduct Executive Board elections.

e. All nominees shall be notified prior to the elections to determine availability and willingness to serve.

f. Elections shall be by a simple majority of the quorum.

g. Special elections may be called by the Executive Board.

1. "Modern Rules of Order" is the parliamentary authority on all questions not covered in the Bylaws and any standing rules as UHESA may adopt.

VIII. Amendments

1. Proposal

a. Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by any UHESA Board member. Proposed amendments will be presented to the UHESA Board by the next meeting.

2. Approval

a. Proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the UHESA Board members participating in the vote.

3. Effective Date

a. Approved amendments will become effective immediately.

Historical Information

  • Ratified 1994
  • Amended 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019